Our unique hybrid experiences are designed for driven and ambitious women who are ready to accelerate their life and business.

Experience the Best of Both Worlds:


Our hybrid experiences run between 3 to 10 days and are meticulously designed to provide a holistic and immersive learning journey.

Each session includes a 60–90-minute masterclass that I personally teach, followed by a separate mastermind element with a live Q&A as information doesn’t mean a thing without integration.

Our mastermind element will enable you to embody the learning, integrate and implement it into your business and get hands on support on the journey.

Teach + Implement + Embody = Rapid Results

Why I Created a Hybrid Experience

When I was starting out and growing my business, I joined countless courses, masterclasses, and masterminds. While each had its merits, something was always missing for me:

Courses: Although they were often great, I frequently found myself overwhelmed by information, unsure of how to implement what I had learned.

Masterclasses: These were fantastic for learning new skills, but I always had questions I wished I could ask the mentor directly.

Masterminds: These provided excellent hot seat coaching, but only if you already had a solid foundation and knew what questions to ask.

Long-Term Masterminds: While initially appealing, I often ended up feeling like a wallflower, comparing myself to more advanced entrepreneurs and doubting my own progress.

Time Zone Challenges: Many of the best masterminds were in US time zones, making it difficult for me in the UK to participate due to family commitments and reduced creativity in the evenings.

Sound Familiar?

Introducing Hybrid Masterminds

Hybrid masterminds are exactly what I wish I had found during my own journey.

They offer the perfect blend of learning and practical application, providing you with the opportunity to develop new skills, engage in live Q&A sessions, and receive hot seat mentoring.

The Unexpected Benefit: A Sense of Belonging

You will never feel like you are dancing on your own again. Our hybrid masterminds create a nurturing community where your journey is valued, and your growth is celebrated.



Rapid Re-Alignment Virtual Retreat
Value $2222

Take a Quantum Alignment Leap into the life and business you desire.

The Million $ Masterpiece™
Value $5555

Turn your wisdom into your wealth & life’s work into your legacy.

Legends In The Making ™
Value $3333

Tuning into the woman and frequency behind the masterpiece and brand so that you can take a quantum success leap.

The Energetic Buyer™
Value $2222 

Becoming an energetic match for your ideal clients – how to attract dream buyers, get visible & consistent.

Speak To $ell System™
Value $3333

How to craft, present and deliver your signature story, offering and transformation.

Soul Aligned $elling™
Value $2222

Success codes for selling in alignment (without being a slave to social media)

The Freedom Formula™
Value $1111

Discover the 9 steps of quantum leaping in the life of FREEDOM you desire

The Million $caling Method™
Value $2222

How to quantum scale your family led, freedom seeking and impact driven business

Generational W.E.A.L.T.H Codes™
Value $2222

How to show not tell your children how to live a RICH life

What it's like to work with me

We joined in July and by January we TRIPLED the % of RECURRING REVENUE in our service-based business by implementing what we learned in the program! Thank you Fiona! – A. Dean

– A. Dean

Fiona’s mentorship program has fundamentally changed my business in ways I never thought imaginable! Many of the initiatives have helped me to define new service offerings, create bundle offers, and develop new lead generation strategies. Highly recommended!

– V. Jauhal

Fantastic Program! Fiona Challis will guide you through a great sales and marketing process with the art of keeping things simple. I now have a process for my entire sales and marketing strategy. An investment with an immediate ROI! Highly recommend Fiona and her programs!

– P. Crooks

The program was excellent and very relevant to selling recurring revenue. Focusing on the outcome of what my clients achieve has resulted in me having much better relationships with them.

– L. Blunt

This is the most up to date and focused sales training that I have done in a long time

– R. Harrison

Fiona is a truly outstanding leader. Her energy, execution capability, creativity and self-motivation are outstanding.

– J. Perea

Fiona is an excellent leader, coach and motivator who is both driven and focussed and has a great passion for what she does. She is a good listener and is extremely adaptable with a great flair for business. With her bright and energetic personality, Fiona is extremely skilled at making being in business fun whilst getting the job done

– O. Smart

Fiona led by example. She was a force to be reckoned with and taught me so much. She is hungry and always pushing to bring out the best in me. She highlighted key principles to work by, many which I still use today and find very useful. She made me feel that I could achieve anything I put my mind to!

– S. Shine

Absolutely brilliant day! I’m completely changing the way we talk to existing and new clients around our offerings.  Would highly recommend any service-based business out there who are serious about growing their business to engage with you Fiona!

– J. Miller

Thank you, Fiona! It was a superb program and massively helped us to build our skills in attracting the right sort of clients for our business. Loved working with you on this!

– J. Fowler

Absolutely loved the sessions and how they built on each other. You’re a star Fiona and your programs are highly recommended!

– S. Belt

What a wonderful group! Fiona thanks for inviting me be part of your world. Kudos on putting together such a powerful programme!

– R Tubb

She who leads herself, her family and leaves a lasting legacy

If this resonates and you are also a mum who goes first, we would love to walk with you on what will be the journey of a lifetime.

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