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All applications are personally read by me


As a badass leader, a multi-tasking mum and legend in the making, you are constantly inspiring, giving, supporting, motivating, and encouraging others.

But what about you? Who’s supporting you?

There’s a lot of pressure to keep all the wheels spinning – your family, your household, your business, your clients …… especially if you are also the main breadwinner.

I’ve been there and I know that feeling of having the weight of the world on your shoulders.

I also know there’s only one outcome if you keep on giving to others without having a source of support and inspiration for yourself — burnout.


So as much you would love to join masterminds and group events with other female leaders there is often just not enough time in the day, so you need to be able to jump on a call with your mentor at a time that fits in with your busy life and business.

And often when you are an in the thick of it you just need someone that you can leave a short voice note for and that will get back to you with answers and suggestions within a few hours not a few days

That’s where my 1:1 mentorship comes in.

My 1:1 mentorship is for you if you’d like the highest level of support possible whilst you

take a quantum alignment leap in your business towards RAPID GROWTH & A RICH LIFE based on Freedom, Family, Fulfilment and Financial Abundance.

During our time together,

I’ll be your 1:1 mentor and the first call you make when you need advice

I’ll be your life support, business support and emotional support

I’ll be your business growth strategist, brainstorming sister and there to walk shoulder to shoulder with you when you make the bold moves.

I’ll be your beliefs breaker and BS detector.

I’ll be your confidante and emotional rock when things don’t go as planned, an inevitable part of the entrepreneurial journey.

I’ll be your mirror and can reflect the adjustments and shifts in your energy, mindset and business so that when you take a quantum leap you are leaping forward

I’ll be a portal where you can calibrate to the energy of the legend you are becoming.

I’ll be there to celebrate and pop the champagne with you when reach each milestone of success.


- Fiona Challis

Mentorship is unlike coaching and not for those who like to have a curriculum to follow. It’s for those who prefer a highly personalized experience to help them become the best version of themselves and for those who want to be within a sacred space that enables them to raise the bar and their standards, becoming a complete embodiment of the work they do.

In mentorship you are the curriculum and nothing is off limits:

Personal Power

Emotional Support

Business strategy


Energetic alignment & healing

Money, Mindset & Manifestation

Systems and Structures

Offers & Pricing

Lead generation & launching

Visibility & confidence

Course creation

Relationship support

Parenting support

Selling To Corporate

You’ll be held and deeply supported by me, getting exactly what you need, when you need it, to support you in your next quantum leap.


We will start with an in-depth 1:1 x 90 minute private session so that we can cast the energetic vision of where you would like to be in the next 6 -12 months and run a gap analysis so that we can start to create our master plan.

During this session, we will also agree on the frequency and time for your sessions so that we can choose a time that suits your lifestyle and schedule.

We’ll then have two Zoom calls a month where we deep dive into your boldest dreams and your masterplan and will chat about equal measures strategy , energetics, mindset and personal empowerment (AKA, your light!) to ensure your dreams become a reality.

But that’s just the beginning.
You have audio access to me all day, Monday to Friday, so when something crops up or you just want to run something past me simply send me a voice note and I’ll get back to you the same day.

I fully expect this relationship to go well beyond business — I’ll be as immersed in your daily life and decision making as you want me to. I’ll be the mentor and sister you can always count on.


Spots are extremely limited for this close proximity service.

Because I give you so much of my time and attention, and I treat your business and your investment as if it is my own, I simply cannot have many private mentoring clients.

This isn’t a bro marketing scarcity tactic – you become a part of my family and my daily thoughts in this close proximity container.

It’s also super important to me that we have the right energy match with each other

The best thing to do?

Fill out the application form and we can take it from there…

All applications are personally read by me

I look forward to reading your application and hopefully meeting you in person soon
- Fiona

What it's like to work with me

We joined in July and by January we TRIPLED the % of RECURRING REVENUE in our service-based business by implementing what we learned in the program! Thank you Fiona!

– A. Dean

Fiona’s mentorship program has fundamentally changed my business in ways I never thought imaginable! Many of the initiatives have helped me to define new service offerings, create bundle offers, and develop new lead generation strategies. Highly recommended!

– V. Jauhal

Awesome to be a part of the journey with this amazing cohort! Fiona your mentoring program is an absolute MUST for all service-based businesses. Thanks so much for letting me join!

– S. Riley

Fiona I just want to thank you for our session. It really helped me to understand so much
about myself. I still listen to my transformational recording most days as your energy is truly
amazing!! Every time I listen I get the most infectious belief in myself. I can’t thank you

– V. Aga

Fiona is a gifted mentor and an intelligent business leader with powerful personality and with
exceptional energy. No matter how complex the problem is, she will always come up with a brilliant, elegant, and cost-effective solution. Absolutely worth recommending!

– V. Jauhal

Fiona led by example. She was a force to be reckoned with and taught me so much. She is
hungry and always pushing to bring out the best in me. She highlighted key principles to work by, many which I still use today and find very useful. She made me feel that I could achieve anything I put my mind to!

– S. Shine

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