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Business Growth Strategist, Mindset Mentor, Energetics Extraordinaire,
Ex Corporate Girlie & Proud Mama

The GREAT Escape

You’ve taken the leap from a high-level corporate role into the rollercoaster world of entrepreneurship in fields such as coaching, consulting, mentoring, training, or speaking so that you could have the flexibility, freedom and financial abundance to build a RICH life around your family?

Hey legend in the making!

I’m Fiona and I’ve got your back on this one. 

I escaped the corporate world in 2007 as I didn’t want to choose between my career and my child. As a single parent at the time, it was the scariest leap I ever took! 

Fast forward to today and that leap of faith I took was by far the best decision I ever made as it enabled me to have the flexibility and freedom I craved to be fully present for my son and build a multi six figure business which give us the financial abundance to live a fully alive, aligned and happy life. 

Was it worth with? That’s a full body yes!

Was it easy? Hell no! 

But it had to work! 

I had no plan b but I did have what I call a ‘Fuck it’ attitude. An attitude of no matter what this has to work so I went all in. 

Have you had your ‘fuck it’ moment yet?


It all started off great and I was very quickly hitting 6 figures but always seemed to stay STUCK in and around my previous corporate salary – I know now this was my single mum financial safety limit and all I was open to receiving at the time. 

Long story short 2 years later I lost my first business as although I was great at winning new clients and making money , I was also very good at spending it and left myself up shit’s creek without a paddle with the one person who you don’t want to do that do to….the taxman!

This was in hindsight the best thing that ever happened to me as it was the catalyst that led me to work on my money mindset, my ability to receive more wealth and HOLD on to it and to align my mindset and energy to where I wanted to be in the future ….not where I had been in the past in the corporate world. 

When I re-aligned my life and business, put my ‘fuck it’, shoes back on and tuned my mindset and energy into the frequency of this will work EVERYTHING CHANGED.


I did a complete 360 from what I had been taught in corporate and what I did in my first business…here’s just a few of the highlights: 

I put 80% of my efforts into my mindset and energetics and then 20% on honing the right strategy.

I got out of hustle mode, healed my wounded masculine doing energy, and stepped into my feminine energy so that I could run my business with more ease and flow.

I got into scaling mode and out of single parent survival mode and I stopped selling my time for money

I became and energetic match for the clients I wanted to work with and only agreed to do work that I love, and which fulfils me as that kept me in flow.

And so much more …..who knew there was so much UNDOING to be done when evolving from employee to entrepreneurship. 

Ready to ditch the never-ending hustle and attract an avalanche of high-value clients with ease?

The Rapid Re- Alignment
& Reinvention

I stepped into the future version of myself who had the life and business I desired…

And Very quickly, I became recognized as ‘The Queen of Sales’ in the IT industry, working with Fortune 500 companies such as Google, HPE, and Microsoft.

I’ve built a multi six figure business I love and I’ve developed 3 sales training methodologies that have generated millions in revenue over the 16 years I’ve been in business and won 5 international awards for, ‘Best Training Program’. 

I built a business model that allowed me to have high cash months whilst also building assets and recurring revenue into my business- meaning I finally made money whilst on holiday. 

I give myself permission to pivot and course correct when I could see a shift in the market or landscape and instead of overthinking it, I took MASSVIVE ALIGNED ACTION – this enabled me to get rapid growth fast and establish myself as a thought leader and go to expert. 

The RICH Life

I never missed a school football match, hockey match, or school concert, and I took 17 weeks off a year because when my son was off school, I didn’t work.

We love traveling and still take four holidays a year.

I fulfilled a personal ambition by writing a #1 Amazon Best Selling Book and won my proudest award yet: ‘Best Female Speaker.’

This award is especially meaningful as public speaking was my biggest fear for many years.

My passion for learning and personal and professional development continued. I qualified as a life coach, positive psychology coach, rapid transformation therapist, and NLP practitioner, equipping me to help my clients do the deeper inner work while also achieving external success.

I spent hundreds of hours and invested over $250k hiring some of the biggest and best mentors in the world, attending countless retreats and events, and constantly investing in my growth across areas such as wealth, mindset, strategy, energetics, and much more.

Most importantly, I am creating what I am most passionate about: generational wealth for my son. This encompasses not only traditional wealth but also being a role model for living a truly rich life.

Today, I live with a full heart and immense gratitude for every plot twist and course correction I took in my business. Every quantum leap I made to realign my life and business helped me step into the best version of myself, enabling me to hold a bigger and more successful business, even when some of these steps scared the shit out of me.

“You’re either someone who almost had the life and business you desired, or you ALIGN to become the person who actually has it all”

- Fiona Challis

Do I still mess up?

Hell yes!

For sure, there have been great parts of my journey but I’m not perfect. I’m a work of art in progress and a mum trying to set a great example for her kid, just like you and part of that example is showing them how to deal with things when we mess up and fail.  WE GO FIRST. 

I’ve made mistakes, had failed launches, major flops and fails and of course my big fuck up but you know there is something very special about making a major fuck up so early in your business …..

It shows you that you can cope! 

That a fuck up doesn’t mean you give up  

That sometimes your greatest fuck up can also be your greatest set up to a life and business you could only dream off. 

My biggest fear was losing my business, my security and the shame attached with it but now that I’ve already overcome that fear ….

I’m no longer fearful and I’m willing to fail because I know NO MATTER WHAT 

I will always be ok and I have faith that everything is always working out for me as it is meant to. 

My son is now studying a degree in finance and economics and has just been offered his first internship role as an investment banker in London.

We worked on his money mindset early because of my learnings in life and business and thankfully it paid off.

The legacy

Are you ready to take a quantum alignment leap in your business towards RAPID GROWTH & A RICH LIFE based on Freedom, Family, Fulfilment and Financial Abundance?

For many years I have had so many likeminded female entrepreneurs ask me to create a mentoring container to help them on a similar journey but in truth whilst my son was still at school my time with him was my priority, so I wanted to wait until I had the capacity to hold space for the women within this container. 

As my son Jamie is now at university and has flown the nest that time has now come so I’m super excited to launch our new mentorship container, Leaders & Legends. 

This is an exclusive mentorship community for ambitious, driven and high achieving women and a container that has a fusion of Strategy, Energetics, and Mindset: Combining practical business strategies with energetic alignment and mindset shifts to facilitate rapid growth and holistic success. A container I wish I could of found on my own journey. 

It is also a scared space where you are held whilst taking the quantum leap into the fully alive and aligned life and business you desire with freedom, fulfilment, financial abundance and a lasting legacy for your children, but in 6 months years rather than the 16 years it took me. 

Our shared vision within Leaders & Legends is to strategically and energetically take the quantum leaps to build a business around a RICH LIFE not the other way around, to create generational wealth for our children and the next generations to come and to leave a legacy and every move we make is firmly rooted in showing, not telling, our children how to live a fully alive and aligned life.

She who leads herself, her family and leaves a lasting legacy

If this resonates and you are also a mum who goes first, we would love to walk with you on what will be the journey of a lifetime.

Come and join us in our FREE Leaders & Legends Facebook Group


We joined in July and by January we TRIPLED the % of RECURRING REVENUE in our service-based business by implementing what we learned in the program! Thank you Fiona! – A. Dean

– A. Dean

Fiona’s mentorship program has fundamentally changed my business in ways I never thought imaginable! Many of the initiatives have helped me to define new service offerings, create bundle offers, and develop new lead generation strategies. Highly recommended!

– V. Jauhal

Fantastic Program! Fiona Challis will guide you through a great sales and marketing process with the art of keeping things simple. I now have a process for my entire sales and marketing strategy. An investment with an immediate ROI! Highly recommend Fiona and her programs!

– P. Crooks

The program was excellent and very relevant to selling recurring revenue. Focusing on the outcome of what my clients achieve has resulted in me having much better relationships with them.

– L. Blunt

This is the most up to date and focused sales training that I have done in a long time

– R. Harrison

Fiona is a truly outstanding leader. Her energy, execution capability, creativity and self-motivation are outstanding.

– J. Perea

Fiona is an excellent leader, coach and motivator who is both driven and focussed and has a great passion for what she does. She is a good listener and is extremely adaptable with a great flair for business. With her bright and energetic personality, Fiona is extremely skilled at making being in business fun whilst getting the job done

– O. Smart

Fiona led by example. She was a force to be reckoned with and taught me so much. She is hungry and always pushing to bring out the best in me. She highlighted key principles to work by, many which I still use today and find very useful. She made me feel that I could achieve anything I put my mind to!

– S. Shine

Absolutely brilliant day! I’m completely changing the way we talk to existing and new clients around our offerings.  Would highly recommend any service-based business out there who are serious about growing their business to engage with you Fiona!

– J. Miller

Thank you, Fiona! It was a superb program and massively helped us to build our skills in attracting the right sort of clients for our business. Loved working with you on this!

– J. Fowler

Absolutely loved the sessions and how they built on each other. You’re a star Fiona and your programs are highly recommended!

– S. Belt

What a wonderful group! Fiona thanks for inviting me be part of your world. Kudos on putting together such a powerful programme!

– R Tubb


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